1/4 Cobra Engine Replica VERY COOL!


I posted the wrong write up, and the edit function isn't working for me. Here's the correct info.

I bought this a while back becuase of how uniquie is it. It is truly an amazing model. Everything is functional and moves. The attention to detial is top notch. There were 1000 of these made and I have number 6. I had it out of the box for only a few months but then packed it back up out of fear of it getting broken. I paid $280+shipping and that's what I'm looking to get for it but I will pay for shipping. I will post pictures tonight.

I'm selling because I am in need for some cash, I hate to see this model go!


I have had both this model and the 03 cobra supercharged model. They are neat, but not built as good as I thought they should be.


You have both?:)

How did these become available anyway? Were they offered to certain cobra owners?
I assume they were from Ford.


I have both of the actual cars..........ok, maybe not. :( One can dream right? haha :D