2011 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, Az



Lot Number: 319.2
Auction: SCOTTSDALE 2011
Sale Price:
Year: 1988
VIN: 1LNBM93E1JY652181
Exterior Color: WHITE
Interior Color: GREY
Cylinders: 8
Engine Size: 5.0 LITER
Transmission: 4-SPEED AUTOMATIC
Summary: Conversion by Coach Builders Unlimited. Diamond Pearl White, new paint, top, tires, satellite radio, sheepskin seat covers and bra. Always garaged. Texas car with no rust.
Details: Stunning Diamond Pearl White '88 Mark VII custom coupe convertible. One owner, non-smoker, new paint, top, tires, satellite radio, sheepskin seat covers and bra. It has a professional conversion by Coach Builders Unlimited in Florida. It is a head turner that Ford Motor Company should have produced. No rust, this car is in great condition.




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A car bra is NOT a good idea for long term (over 24 hours) use. I would use one to transport, say, PINKIN but not on a daily basis. As for the seat covers, you may be right about the seats.

I was fortunate to score a Mark VII that had THE ORIGINAL sheep skin covers (installed in 1985) on the car! I would have kept them but time and fluorescent lighting cased them to discolor unevenly. Under the covers, I found almost pristine leather seats.




In lieu of the sale prices of the first day, it has been a BUYER'S auction. I actually may have overbid on the Mark VII. I cannot say that I know any of the bidders for the Mark VII.

If they are NOT familiar with the Lincoln Community, then the sale price may top $20,000.00. For those of us that know, we could make a call and score a bone stock white vert in a garage for <$9,000.00


I have about three more examples but I've already taken up enough bandwidth :) Please remember that this is an AUCTION, so sale prices can be as high as 50% over private sales, hence my $16,000.00 Fantasy Bid.

The auction car has been repainted and NOT with a factory color. For someone starting a collection, this would be a good place to begin. For me, it's close but no cigar.


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It would be nice if those seat covers were used for protection and not to cover up something. If they were used for protection i think they should have been removed for the photos. Same with the bra, may be hiding something.



I've searched the Barrett-Jackson site to no avail. Other than the picture you found at Flickr, I cannot find any information on this vehicle.

Could you please provide more information?



I ~did~ find this jewel from the Barrett-Jackson 2010 Orange County auction and it sold for $7,425.00US.

The down side to all of this is that owners of daily drivers are already assuming that their 100,000+ milers with sagging suspension and inoperable windows should sell for four and five thousand because, "I saw one on Barrett-Jackson and my Mark is at least worth half that much" when in reality, daily drivers are selling for under $1200.00US

Are there any other Multiple Mark Owners that could add some insight into this?

Keep an eye out and start a thread on any OTHER 80s and 90s Lincolns consigned to national private auctions!
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I Can't Stress This Enough

I Can't Stress This Enough

I Can't Stress This Enough

Here's a perfect example of a GLOBALLY auctioned vehicle worthy of attention and worth every penny of the final selling price. The seller's description was,
"1987 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass
The Performance of a sports coupe, the luxury of a Lincoln
The Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Designer Series in Prairie Mist Clearcoat Metallic
The only American performance car whose luxury comes at no surprise!
What designer better understands the disciplines of subtlety and understatement the America’s Bill Blass? Rather than embellishing the simplicity of its functional form, he has underscored it. His color scheme is Prairie Mist Metallic for the exterior with color coordinated accents."

They go on to type,

"Clean Carfax, Owners Manuals and Brochure
Drives Excellent, Runs Smoothly, Showroom Condition
I even have a custom embroidered car cover for it!
This has been a Florida car and always kept indoors.
A/C works and Blows Cold
VIN# 1LNBM92FXHY644195
If you have any questions feel free to contact, Xxxx at (xxx) xxx-xxx
My normal hours are M-F 8am to 5pm EST.

First things first. The description was written in ENGLISH with proper grammar and punctuation. The description was accurate and flattering. The pictures were taken in good lighting with a C A M E R A. Lastly, the vehicle has 9,803 miles on the odometer (three thousand less than the lowest Mark VII I've ever bought).

The car received 19 bids and sold for $10,650.00US

"They're only original once." - Kris Palmer