2021 Lincoln Homecoming


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The eighth annual Lincoln Homecoming in August 2021 will feature two different car shows. The first will be a virtual Lincoln car show, which will extend from April 1 to July 28. It will have its own People’s Choice awards by decade, voted on by all persons registered for the virtual car show.

The second event will be a live one—the annual Homecoming at the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum in Hickory Corners, Mich. on August 12 – 15. That show will also have People’s Choice awards by decade.

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A bunch of us attended this way back in 2019 and had a ball. The organizers are a real class act, and brought along some of the most beautiful Lincolns I've ever seen. Sure can't beat the venue, either.

Here's the thread from the last one - a thread I apparently neglected to post any of my own photos in. What would we do without Bill??


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Thanks Mike. This was a great show, and add to that all the beautiful museums there! I'll definitely be going again this year.