Lincoln Homecoming

What a great time at the Lincoln Homecoming at the Gilmore Car Museum. As always, it was great to see everyone again.

There were beautiful Lincolns from every era at the meet, and many more in the museums including Duesenbergs, Cadillacs, Franklins, Model A's and much more.

Here's just a few of my many pics, including a Lincoln Capri with a Mark VIII engine. ABE  IMG_9361 (Large).JPG IMG_9315 -Group Flag (Large).JPG
Linc GroupMG_8982 (Large).JPG


  • Rear GroupIMG_8984 (Large).JPG
    Rear GroupIMG_8984 (Large).JPG
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ZePHERSIMG_8904 (Large).JPG MARK 2 IMG_9334 (Large).JPG Mark 7 IMG_9198 (Large).JPG


  • Grp CapriIMG_9371 (Large).JPG
    Grp CapriIMG_9371 (Large).JPG
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  • IMG_8938Capri group (Large).JPG
    IMG_8938Capri group (Large).JPG
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Super pics Bill! I'll have to download mine and post some up! :)

It was an awesome event to attend. Thanks to everyone who could make it.
I can't believe I forgot to post some of my pics.

Meanwhile... if you receive the Ford Performance "Fast News" email, you may have noted this: