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Forgive the cut and paste from FaceBook:

Summer is just about here, it is ... days till, the 6th Annual Lincoln Homecoming meet August 7-12, 2019, at Kalamazoo and Hickory Corners, Michigan. You are invited, you do not need to be a member of a Lincoln Club, Just register and pay fee for any or all events that you can attend. It's time to register for the 2019 Lincoln Homecoming at the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo, MI. The meet Registration cut off is just ... days from now, July 21, 2019. Please register now!

We are It offering a unique twist in 2019
Ok. I'm signed up, I think.

If I played my cards correctly, I got the event and car show, as well as the track day. I skipped the various meals. If I regret this, I hope I can pay at the door. :)

Contact Bob at arborbob41 at aol dot com

I'm sure he can help you.

Thanks JP, he's going to call me back today. He has a Mark VII Coach builders convertible, I've never seen one of those.

What's the difference between the Saturday and Sunday car shows?
What's the difference between the Saturday and Sunday car shows?

I can't really say from experience. From my discussion with Bob, Saturday is the primary event with the show continuing along with award presentations and a parade lap on Sunday.
That's excellent. 'cause I'm bringing a kid now, and hadn't planned for it.

I've got the oil changed, and the headlights all polished up. We are go for launch. I think we're hitting the road early-ish Friday morning. I expect to be at the event by mid afternoon.