'89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak


Another Newbie in sore need of advice.

My braking system apparently has a leak. I have to add fluid every 2 or 3 days or else I have a very hard pedal and almost no stopping power without applying my full weight (of which there is an ample supply) to the pedal and even then only very little brake effect. However, when I add fluid the system returns to normal after driving several miles.

I'm totally unqualified to do the repairs myself but would greatly appreciate advice and information so I can discuss the situation intelligently with the mechanic who will do the work and whose experience with this particular problem may or may not be limited. Based on the little learning I've been able to glean, the system in the Lincoln is particularly complex and there are a number of parts potentially involved ranging widely from moderate to quite costly.

Are the symptoms I describe likely to be associated with one or more specific components? Which? If the culprit is one of the high priced parts does it make sense to replace it with a used part from a wreck at a fraction of the cost of a remanufactured or new unit? If I shop for a used part what other years and models have braking system parts compatible with the '89 LSC? Any other tips?

Thank very much for all input.


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

If you need to intall used, out of production parts, then only use 1988 - 1989 replacements on your Mark VII.

You actually have two problems; a hard pedal and a leak.

A 1989 Lincoln Mark VII Shop Manual published by Ford Parts and Service Division Publications Department FPS-12192-89, is you r best written resource for proper diagnostics and corretions to this system.

With that said, you need to first get the system to a level of normalcy by completely flushing the system until it runs clear. While flushing, the mechanic should discover the location of the leak. If a complete flush does NOT correct the hard pedal, then the next culprit would be the Brake Accumulator. The article for replaceing this itemn can be found at:


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

Hi OldSchool1:

Many thanks for your speedy response and for the advice which I'll be sure to pass along to the mechanic who does the work.

It's interesting that you indicate I have 2 problems: the hard pedal and the leak. The leak is for sure (except we can't yet find the exact source until the parts are pulled from the car) but I have to wonder about the hard pedal because the problem disappears after refilling the fluid reservoir and doesn't apppear again until about a pint of fluid leaks out. So it would appear that the leak is probably the underlying problem.

Is there a way I can access the Shop Manual FPS-12192-89 on the internet?

I tried to go to the URL linked in your message for the Accumulator info but I receive the error: "The Page Cannot Be Displayed". I'll try it again tomorrow in case it's simply a matter of the server being "down".

Is the Brake Accumulator also known by another part name? I have looked for the part on several dealers' websites & I keep finding mentions of "AC Accumulators" and Accumulators associated with the Radiator but none of them mention a "Brake Accumulator".


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

Many You're Welcomes!

It's a case of the server being down :) From our ISP:

Sept 28, 2006 - 9:45 PM PST
IPOWERWEB is continuing to resolve a network issue that may be affecting hosting and email services.

Again, we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

The shop manuals can be purchased from a company called Faxon Automotive Literature at http://www.faxonautolit.com/ The prices may seem high but the manuals have almost ALL of the answers. They can also be purchased on Ebay but it's infrequent. As for your brakes, I just so happen to have the text taken from the "temporarily" missing online document :) http://www.thelincolnmarkviiclub.org/tech/brakeAccumulator.pdf

Lincoln Mark VII
Brake Accumulator

5/16 hex tool
socket extension bar
impact wrench or breaker bar
white lithium grease or equivalent
FORD (pn: E8OY-2C231A)
Disconnect the negative battery cable

You need to pump the brakes like 50 times with the car off and the key out of the ignition to relieve the pressure in the accumulator. Even with a dead one the pressure is still above 1000+ PSI! Someone might get hurt changing theirs out if they neglect this step!
Written by and special thanks to: Michael "SkyMasteres" Eibling.

"… I had the same problem. I ended changing out the accumulator with a new one from the dealer. I was told that the 88-92 Mark VII's used the long nipple accumulator. This was really good for me since the car is an 89 and they don't stock the short nipple version any more. I was really hesitant to buy a new one because the part is about $200. If your abs pump runs every time you hit the pedal and the rest of the system works this is your problem. If you start the car and don't touch the brakes, then start driving and the light turns on the instant you hit the brakes then this it your problem. If the light turns on the instant the car starts rolling then you might want to check the wheel speed sensors. I went through all the abs actuator trouble shooting steps and that all check out so I bought the accumulator. When I put it in the problem was solved. It was a simple install. Hit it with an impact hex wrench and it comes right out. "

The online Article has pictures :) We've installed USED accumulators that worked well also. The document should be available online shortly. Do the complete fluid flush and then let us know how you made out.


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

Hi OldSchool1-

Thanks for the terrific response. The photos and all the advice will, I'm sure, prove to be most helpful. I delivered the car today to the shop and my guy will pull the system loose on Monday and then we'll know for sure where the problem leak originates and who's the culprit. I'm rooting for the accumulator because I can get one for around $100.00 and that sure is a lot cheaper than the total system which runs into 4 figures. The mechanic seems to think there may be need for a master cylinder as well. I hope not, but if so, although it isn't trivial, it's not a major deeal either.

When I know more I'll keep you posted .

Thanks again.


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

Hi Old SChool1

I thought I sent a message to you early yesterday PM but apparently I messed up and exited from the forum before actually posting it; so here goes again - - -

When we last were in touch about 3 weeks ago I said I'd let you know how the project was progressing. Well, it has progressed but I still don't know how well. It turned out that I required a complete new ABS assembly and I was able to buy a used one for a bit under $200.00.

It looks to be in good condition and the hoses and nipples match correctly but there is a discrepancy no one ever warned me about and so far no one I've spoken to seems to know anything about the variation I encountered. It seems my original Pump & Motor has a round shape 4-wire electrical connector including what my mechanic tells me are 2 signal wires but the replacement unit has a sort of oval shape connector with only 2 wires.

Have you or any of your club colleagues ever encountered this problem or know what can be done to resolve it aside from hunting down a ompletely new unit? And where did the specification for an '89 Mk. VII LSC go wrong?

Thanks again for all the helpful advice you've given me and my best regards,

Shady Character (George Reisman)


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

I got the e-mail.

Turn around time is getting longer as the Club is getting busier.

You may not have a 1988 - 1989 unit. The design changed over the years.


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

Hi OldSchool 1,

Thanks for your quick response it's sincerely appreciated and special thanks for the direct e-mail. As you suggest I'll post this inquiry to another forum where there may be a better chance of finding the precise expertise for my new problem. I guess the "Brakes & Suspension" forum is the best bet - that is after I contact Trixie for special okay to post there because when I posted my original inquiry there several weeks ago she moved it to the Mark VII forum because she felt it more appropriate.

I'm sure you'll be interested in learning the outcome of my ABS adventure and will let you know as soon as there is some news to convey.

ShadyCharacter (GR)


RE: '89 Mk. VII LSC with ABS Braking System Leak

You're welcome. I'd like to help you further but ...

"I'm no mechanic ... I just play one on the internet."

These Forums are FULL of knowledgable people.



Hello there! I have the same exact problem with my 90 Mark VII LSC SE. My leak is comming from somewhere under the ABS pump, and traveling down the frame rail to just about even with the drivers side door jamb. I am 6'%" and close to 300lbs, so its a tad difficult to get under the car, even with jack stands to see exactly where the leak is coming from.

Curious thing I found; when I tried to see if the pump motor was working, and after pumping the brake pedal 50 times, I turned on the ignition key but the motor didn't come on. Could this be a fuse or a relay somewhere?


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I forget the location details, but yes it could be the relay for the ABS pump.