After Market Head unit and Parking assist audio


Hello all, long time lurker, of my first posts. I just purchased a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L. This is my 2nd Town Car L and my seventh Panther car, Most of my past vehicles have bee LTD's and Crown Vics.

Installing an aftermarket head unit in to the 03 and have a question. This car was never a been livery vehicle. It has 88k on the clock and the parking assist system still functions flawlessly. Have really enjoyed that feature. However since the audio for the Parking assist comes through the Factory Alpine Head unit, I believe I will lose that audio after installing the new head unit. I noticed looking at wiring diagrams and connector pinouts that it appears that audio signal lands on Connector C290b, Pin 17 at the head unit.
Has anyone been able to integrate that audio into a aftermarket head unit?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.
Welcome! :)

I don't have any specific details for you other than my experience having an aftermarket head unit installed in our '06 Designer Town Car. The new head unit functions the same as the OEM head unit as far as the rear park assist system.
Welcome! And congrats on your L!! I've owned two "regular" Town Cars, and always lusted after the "Loooong" one. Can't wait to see some photos. Consider me very envious.

I can't give you any information either, only encouragement. I would not be surprised however if all of the parking assist connected to the OEM amplifier that is undoubtedly tucked into a corner of the car somewhere, and will operate so long as you keep that amp in place and use it with the new head unit rather than bypassing it.

Particularly with Driller's comment above, I'd be tempted to slap in the deck of your dreams, and hope for the best.