Autoblog Podcast #64 [Enhanced]

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The enhanced version of the Autoblog Podcast #64 is on the runway and ready for takeoff. In part one of #64, we talk about the 436hp 2008 Corvette. In the podcast's second section we explore the Mustang Super Snake and the general mass-proliferation of Mustangs. Lastly, we cover Hyundai's pursuit of RWD, including the RWD coupe rendering from Winding Road.

Check it out. Per your suggestions, we cut the podcast into three sections for smaller downloads, and we've also embedded sections two and three of the podcast after the jump. If you have any more suggestions on how to improve the enhanced version of the Podcast, let us know in the comments. We're working on a better distribution system than shoving all three in our current RSS feed of the audio-only version, so soon you'll be able to subscribe just to the enhanced version's RSS feed.

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