Chip reburn for a new TC

RE: Chip reburn for a new TC

Maybe. I suppose that depends on your definition of "need".

I just put a 3200 stall PI in my car, and i didn't get it re-tuned yet. It performs fine, but i would like to do some fine-tuning on the shift points. It seems to shift too early now (except at WOT), esp. if the torque converter is unlocked.
RE: Chip reburn for a new TC

I suppose I will have see how it feels.

Did you put the converter in yourself if so did it go smoothly. I bought the Service manual and will be doing it my self but this is the largest attempted project. The manual sounds like it is pretty strait foward.

Also how can you tell is the converter is locked up while driving?

RE: Chip reburn for a new TC

Torque convertor install is pretty straight forward. The biggest problem people run into is making sure the convertor is FULLY engaged in the front pump. Just keep pressure with one hand on the torque convertor pushing inward and the other spinning it. Listen for 2 engagements. You'll hear it and feel it. If you get the trans up and there is little to no room to pull the torque convertor forward, then it's not seated all the way in the front pump. You should have to slide the convertor forward (toward the flywheel) after you get the trans bolted in place. As far as knowing when the torque convertor is in lock out, well, the only way I can think of explaining it is this way. When you are driving above 40 mph and you barely push the accelerator and the RPM doesn't "flash" or rise freely, then your convertor is in lock out.
RE: Chip reburn for a new TC

I just installed a 3000 stall in my 93 this weekend. I didn't have to pull my TC forward to the flywheel? Now I remember my TC nuts pulling it forward a little bit, but not much. I haven't driven it yet because I still have the rear out of the car, but I did start it up and it run fine. Could mine not be engaged right, and how can I tell?