Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Peter Horbury

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Peter Horbury is responsible for the design strategy and execution of all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America. At this year's Detroit Auto Show, one of the unquestioned stars on the floor was the stunning 400-horsepower Lincoln MKR. We sat down with Peter in Detroit to talk about the 4-door coupe and how it's going to influence Lincoln's designs over the long term. We also touched on the latest iterations of the Ford Five hundred and Focus and how he'll continue the progression toward a unified corporate look for the oval. Peter's very charming, and he's passionate about restoring the grandeur to the Lincoln brand. Based on the MKR, we'd say he's definitely got a handle on things. Read on and decide for yourselves. It starts below and continues after the jump.

Peter Horbury - Ford Executive Director of Design, North America
North American International Auto Show
January 8, 2007

Autoblog: Peter, thanks for sitting with us today. The MKR is obviously one of the big stars of the show this year, and there are several elements there that have generated a lot of conversation in the enthusiast community. Talk to us a little bit about what your approach was when you took on the MKR project.

Peter Horbury: Okay. Well, the MKR's here really to establish Lincoln's new DNA which we're actively pursuing in the studio now on production projects. So really, we could choose I suppose what type of car on which to demonstrate this, and of course 4-door coupes seem to be just the right, perfect car for Lincoln eventually. So this is what we've done; produced a car which carries Lincoln's new DNA but also a lot of the cues that Lincoln had from its past. And all of the design details or design cues that we're using will appear -- they're about to appear - on the new Lincolns very soon, and for the next few years. So here we are with all of them on one car.Continue reading Detroit Auto Show: A conversation with Peter Horbury

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