Detroit Auto Show: Lincoln MKR rolls into the spotlight

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After the Lincoln MKR found its way to center stage inside the Cobo Arena here in Detroit, Peter Horbury (Ford's North American design chief) stepped out of the Lincoln with the gait of a proud man. Now, that could be just because he avoided the task of explaining Ford's Airstream concept (J Mays must have lost that game of rock-paper-scissors), or perhaps it's because Lincoln has some design cues it can call its own after so many years of wandering the styling wilderness.

In the flesh, the MKR's proportions the include severe inward curvature of the rocker panels and short overhangs make it appear smaller than it actually is, and lend an athletic stance - something we probably haven't said of contemporary Lincoln products. The grille stands out - perhaps too much so - from the other subtle styling cues, but it would at least be unmistakable when headed down the road.

The TwinForce twin-turbo V6 is mated to a six-speed gearbox of unknown type (a twin-layshaft would make sense, given the engine nomenclature), which is shifted via pushbuttons on the T-shaped center console and paddles on the steering wheel. The recycled black oak that runs throughout the interior has just the right finish and looks antique without looking old, and contrasts nicely with the white leather and chrome accents. We're betting that the bottom-swinging pedals and deep-dish steering wheel don't ever make it to production, though.

And so just when can we expect to see showrooms filled with this spiritual successor to the Mark VII and Mark VIII? Well, Ford made no mention of production, so for now everyone is left to guessing.

Check out Lincoln's complete press release after the jump, and the 19 additional high-resolution live shots we've added to the MKR Concept's gallery.

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