Fusion Donut Spare Fits MKZ


Confirmed that a Fusion (2014-16) spare wheel/tire WILL fit into the space under the trunk cover of my '15 MKZ H. Bought one from ebay but put on the new Firestone T135/90-16 on the rim instead of the smaller one that was on there. I was lucky in that the spare in my VW Passat that is being bought back had that tire on it's spare. Too bad the rim itself didn't fit... wrong bolt holes. As I installed it upside down I can't use the hold-down but no problem - the tire is big enough it can't move around. Used the jack from the VW too.... they won't need it in the crusher!

I was able to fit the pump from the MKZ in there too along with a bag of goodies from one of the All-Ford meets. Nice touch as it has the LOD club logo on it!! :)