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Just bought my Zephyr this week.

I am also looking for photo/poster of the original 36-42 Zephyr.

Doesn't look like we are a major poster yet. How many other Zephyr owners are there on this forum???
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Hello and welcome !!!
Looks like you're the first one?!
Most of us have a Mark VIII, and a few have Navigators. What color combo is your Zephyr? Did you get the THX system?
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Hi! Congrats on your new car, and please post pics.
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Yes, please post pics. :)

Congrats on your new ride in World Class Luxury and Performance. :)
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I wanted the Dune w/Sand interior. I love the figured Maple on the dash. It is the exact combo that I saw at the auto show that blew me away.

I borrowed a Zephyr with a THX system for a while until the color I wanted was delivered. I have to say that having to press the "I accept" button every time you started the car was getting old. Also, the standard system has a better (I think) sound to it. I have used many aftermarket navigation systems. The nav screens are nice, but the overall function was not what I thought it would be (not for Lincoln)

I am amazed at the value of the Zephyr. You can spend almost as much for a Civic! I couldn't be happier. I grew up with Lincolns in my family. It is good to be home.
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Great hot rod Lincoln!!!!

I acquired a poster from the dealer that is my exact color Zeph. It is a quality, high-gloss, one (and the only one the dealer got). I have it in a special spot in my garage. I need a classic Zeph to complement it. I looked through some of the other sites and didn't come up with anything.... I know someone has a choice poster I can buy. I've seen many over the years at shows.... Just wish that I knew then what I know now (yea, that's what we all say)......
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Greetings from another new member. Empahsis on "new" since my Zephyr isn't even in my posession yet. It will be silver with the light stone interior. I ordered it in mid-January. This will be my second Lincoln. I found the site yesterday and have enjoyed reading the posts. I think the Mark's are beautiful cars and could easily have one in my stable some day. So, it's fun to see the many posts from Mark owners.
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I'm glad to see some new blood coming in here with this new model. I've looked at the zephyrs and i like them, i pass one in the parking lot every day and i think it looks sharp. The mazda platform they're building it on is not too shabby to begin with.
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You'll enjoy it!!! However, folks don't seem to know what it is..... I've had people call it a T-bird, Buick, and a few other things. Guess the subtle styling lends itself to question....

I am planning (already started) on making a tissue/trash bin to go between the console & the back seat. I found a place where I can get the figured maple that matches the original in the dash. I'll post a picture when I finish. That is about the only "modification" that I can see wanting (except I should have gotten the HID lights).

As you begin to settle into your Zeph, I'd be interested to hear if there is anything you'd add. I've never had a car that is this perfect right out of the box!

Oh, and if Lincoln is listening....... I really would like the passenger seat to recline more fully.... My wife has been sick and that is a huge issue for her..... Hint, Hint!
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Thanks for the nice welcome. I will post comments as I take possesion and begin driving the vehicle. It should be here within the next few weeks.

Regarding the seats not reclining fully, perhaps that is a safety issue. I wonder if they don't want the seats to fully recline in front of the airbag so that you don't have an airbag going off while the passenger is being thrown forward from the reclined position?? That's just a guess. It would be interesting to know if there is a real reason that the seat won't recline fully.

Thanks again to all for the warm welcome!!
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Congrats on the new ride and welcome! I was just at the dealership today and checking them out. I love the rear end of those cars and the tailights are spot on and original. I also saw two LS models with LSC gold badging. Post some pics, while waiting in parking lot I wanted to pop the hood on a Zepher to see whats in there and how its laid out, but didnt want to be swarmed by sales people, so i just stared from afar at the lines of exterior. Nice ride.

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