History of the Mark


I did a site search first and could not find a history of the the whole Mark Series. Found several specific histories mostly on the Mark VIII but not an over all history. If I missed it and there is please feel free to delete this. If not.....

This is a Wiki link but a very good read and has a little info on all the Lincoln Marks. There are many interesting facts about the Mark that I didn't know.
Very good read and has the past and present of the Mark Series.
Of course the best Mark in there happens to be the '83 ;) !! But then, I am bias. :D
Anywho, here is the link. (some great pictures there too!)


I did do some research on some of what is said and, some of it is a little off but, not so much as to be "untruthful". Such as it says that since the Continental Mark and Lincoln merged that there was no Mention of Lincoln on the paper work or window stickers and badges except for the Lincolns four point star. That is not 100% accurate. It would be more accurate to say that the mentioning of Lincoln on the Continental Mark was rare. I have found plenty of window stickers and owners manuals that said Lincoln however there was a big difference in the font and styling of the Lincoln name almost as if it was an after thought. It is very easy to see that it was the Continental name that was being sold and not Lincoln.
That is just one example that really stood out.

Still, lots of great accurate info and easy to check on if you question the information.