Hybrid mkz fuel mileage


Just got back from a couple of days up to PA and according to the in car Average MPG meter (or lie-a-meter) I got the best mileage since buying the car. Just turned 23,000 so maybe just getting the engine broke in. Remember it a hybrid so the engine doesn't have the same mileage as the car! (Wish the car had an engine hour-meter like my 250 does) ANYWAY, got 39.7 MPG according to the gauges that are provided on the Z. Surprising too, is the fact that it looks to me like I get BETTER fuel mileage using CRUISE CONTROL than I do with the foot feed. I have never before seen that in any vehicle I've owned!! Also first time I've been getting better numbers on the highway than around the 'burbs.

Oh, more info: I wasn't going 45MPH either...Interstate running 70-72.

How 'bout you other Z owners listing what you are seeing with your car? BTW, this is 4-6 MPG BETTER that I was getting with the Passat diesel!!!!
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