I,m a new member


OK, I thought I,d join this Forum, Last one i was a member with was the Mark 8 Message Board, probably 10 years ago. and happy to find the same and new bunch of guys with same interests, and passions with this shared model of such a era car. Lincoln Mark 8, Gen 1 Or 2, Cady tried, Lincoln Mark 8th,s went way over in design and power.. Anyways I love them, I have a 1994, Pure stock, black and black, Still functional Aireride suspension, 3 years in storage, Working on seat funtions, Its a
Black on black, , Abit of a Challeged to work on, buy guess thats what i like


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Welcome, Andy!

No doubt you'll recognize quite a few of the names here since you've been in the community for 10 years. Can't go wrong with a black-on-black car, and I still think the first-gens look sharp, even if I've never owned one.. :D

I know Bill has done a couple write-ups on the seat motor controls over the years. I'll see if I can track down a thread or two for you and post it here..
[edit] Found it!