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Hi, I have a 2003 Lincoln Aviator, which I absolutely love. However, there is one problem (other than the gas More often than not, when I get in and start the engine, place my foot on the brake and try to shift into reverse or drive, whatever, the button on the shifter will not press in to shift into gear. I have to sit there pressing the brake off and on in hopes that I can press the button in so it will shift. Pressing the brake off and on doesn't always work though. Not exactly sure, I just know it is extremely annoying and if I need to move the vehicle quickly, it is usually impossible.

Yes, this is a female with the question. I am sure you guessed this by now. I have had the Lincoln to several mechanics, simply because there isn't a dealer in this town. No one can figure this problem out. Can anyone give any suggestions?? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



This is probably the brake pressure switch malfunctioning. Your SUV should still be under warranty. It is only about a $25 part and should take care of the problem.


Max, is this the BOO (brake on/brake off) switch 3/4 the way up the brake pedel? If so, easy fix!! She mentioned that she doesn't have a dealer near, so it shouldn't be difficult for a general mech.


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It is either the BOO switch or the interlock solenoid. Unfortunately this is a common FLM issue over the years. The last I experienced it was on a 2000 Sable. I don't have the newer manuals but I doubt this has changed much over the years...

Shift Interlock System

A brake/shifter interlock mechanism prevents shifting the transmission out of the PARK position unless the brake pedal (2455) is applied. The system consists of the following components:

~ an actuator activated by the key interlock assembly and brake pedal pressed input.

~ necessary wiring.

The system operates as follows:

~ The actuator is energized when the ignition switch is turned to RUN, locking the transmission range selector lever in the PARK position. When the brake pedal is applied and the stoplight switch (13480) is activated, the shift lock actuator is deactivated.

~ The transmission range selector lever can be moved out of the PARK position.

The ignition/shifter interlock cable (3F719) locks the transmission range selector lever in the PARK position when the ignition switch is in the LOCK position. It also requires the selector lever to be in the PARK position to turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position.

Do you have brake lights? If the shifter will not move and you have NO brake lights - it is the BOO switch. If the shifter will not move and you do have brake lights - it is most likely the interlock solenoid. It is not a hard fix, it's just knowing what does what.



Also a little trick to get you by till you get it fixed and if you can't shift out of park.

1)Turn the key to the ACC position(the position JUST before all the dash lights come on).
2)shift the truck into the N position, while keeping your foot on the brake(or setting the parking brake) to keep the truck from rolling.
3)Start the truck, shift to any gear EXCEPT PARK(lol) and drive as you normally would.

What this does is allow you to move the shifter without having to push on the brake because you don't have the car started and the key in the ON position. The purpose of the shift lock mechanism is to prevent you from starting the vehicle and shifting it into gear on accident while it is running....and accidentally running over the neighbors doggy. :love-it:

I'm surprised no one could figure this out for you.....I hope you didn't pay everyone of those places!