Mark VIII memorabilia, mags must have for Mark fan


I hate to give this stuff up, but I need the storage room, my loss is your gain. When I first bought the mark i was buying anything I could find that featured the mark, including magazines, ads, and those large dealer books with the awesome full color pics. here is a brief description of what i have,

Autoweek 08/91 Cover story
Motor Trend 11/93 Mark VIII vs eldorado vs SC400
Motor Trend 12/92 2 page review
2 ads
Car and Driver 02/93 Mark VIII vs eldorado vs sc400 vs Legend LS
1993 and 1994 Full size Dealer books
Motor Trend 08/94 1993 test update
Motor Trend 01/93 Car of the Year Nominee and anawesome fold out ad
Motor Trend 12/94 Long term wrap up
Motor Trend 12/96 2nd gen first drive
Motor Trend 11/95 Top 10 most powerful American Cars
Car and driver 12/92 Cover story
Road and Track 12/92 Road Test
Road and Track 11/94 vs eldorado sc400

I can take some pics if anyone wants to see the goods.

I'm asking $80 shipped for the whole lot, I'd rather not separate them. feel free to post here or email me at


I'd love to have one/any of those if they depict a 95 Silver Frost mark 8! :O