MKZ questions for you folks


Looking at the interior in pictures of a 2014 MKZ, I cannot tell so I thought I'd ask owners:

as a 6'00" driver, I like my legs mostly extended when I drive but typically the steering wheel is too far away when I move the seat back to achieve the leg position I want.
So this leads me to my question:
If I have the seat closer, does the ergonomics force your RIGHT KNEE to rest on the side of the center console when driving?

The console looks solid so it would be uncomfortable if the side of my right knee had to rest against the center console. Any of you used to own/drive a mark VIII? At least the seating position of a Mark VIII, your legs extended almost straight so your knee never touched the side of the console.

I do not see where the MKZ offers telescopic steering wheel and adjustable pedals...It wouldn't be an issue if they did. I could extend the pedals away and the steering column closer.


90% of my driving is 25 miles each way to and from work, all highway, steady speed. I am weird in that I typically place my left hand on the lower 6 o'clock position on a steering wheel and just cruise. I see like most new cars the steering wheel is a 3-spoke design(split bottom spoke) so I cannot "rest" my hand at the 6 o'clock position, more like 7 o'clock, which believe it or not, has made me NOT buy certain cars for THIS EXACT reason.

Also, does anyone own, or has anyone seen the white pearl tri-coat MKZ paint in person? Is it Pearly like the Mark VIII opalescent?

They (MKZ) are few and far between around here. I have to drive about 2 hours just to go see one and the cream colored interior picture looks like soft butter-cream, I wonder if it holds up (stay's clean) and how the pearly tri-coat appears in person.


I am leaning towards this one,,,black with black interior. Do they have heated AND ventilated seats? How about a heated steering wheel? I mean, it IS a would think it would be full of amenities, right?