More Water? 2006 Signature Town Car

Anthony C

Hello All,

Yes you guessed it, another water leak. My 2006 Signature Town Car leaks water on the passenger front floor. One owner garage kept.
I removed the interior seats and rugs and about 2 gallons of water. The front and rear floors were soaked on the passenger side
So taking everyone's advise:
I removed the wipers.
Removed the cowl covers.
With a shop-vac cleaned out the center and drivers side drains. There was very little debris in there.
Next I removed the Passenger side cowl air inlet duct. Someone was there before me it was loaded with RTV.
I removed the duct cleaned everything applied a new layer of RTV and reinstalled it.
The little flap is clear.
I pulled back the headliner both sides to inspect the drain hoses.
Next I got a piece of trimmer string line and fished it into the Sun roof drains on both sides.
The drivers side was clear.
The passenger side did have some debris in there. I blew it out with air. Additionally sprayed water in both sides with a squeeze bottle.
Both sides run free.
Evap Drain:
Looked under the car and found the evaporator drain. it appears to be clear. Blew air into it.
From under the hood I opened up the top of the e-vap housing and poured in some soapy water. seems to be draining out just fine.
Ran the hose on the car, looked good no leaks.
Soaped the windshield real good and pressurized the inside of the car. No bubbles appeared any where that I could see.

Last night we had a good rain ....... and guess what? more water coming in on the passenger side. about a cup full.

Two observations:
Musty smell coming from the A/C
Water dripping out from under the car for an extended period of time after a rain. Like a drain is clogged and slowly dripping out.

What did I miss?
Where do the sunroof drains empty out?? I cant seem to find the end. Do I need to pull the fenders? Inner wheel wells?

Any Help would be appreciated.
Thank You


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Wow. I'll give you credit for being thorough, that's for sure..

It seems like a long shot, but I know my old '99 had issues with water collecting inside both front doors. I don't remember it ever finding its way to the interior of the car, though, and it sure wouldn't explain your drip.. unless that is under the doors. I eventually just removed the rubber plugs from the inside bottom seam of each door, and left it that way..

How specific is that drip under the car? Can it be traced "upwards" for a source?

Anthony C

Thanks Mike , Yes first think I did was to remove the plugs from the door. Water seems to be draining as normal.
The extended water dripping is coming from various places I have not been able to pin point it.


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I've had intermittent issues over the years with our '06 Designer collecting water in the rear passenger floorboard. I've taken turns at bat as well as the local dealer. They supposedly claimed the rear door seal once and the rear window at another time in addition to the usual suspects.

Most recently, this past fall it happened. The one possible source I see in your litany of suspects that I haven't checked is the Evap drain. Come spring, I'll see what I can find there.

Interesting note: I've found it will NOT get wet if parked nose downhill on an incline... OR inside the garage. 😜


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how do you post pictures?
I'd have to have a refresher but I think you should be able to use "bb code" if you're familiar with that.

In the top of the reply box you should see a row of icons... one of them being an "insert image" icon which will lead you though the process. Non paying members are limited on how many pics they can post as attachments, but you should be able to freely post pics hosted on most any web service.

I googled for a video... this one looks a little dated but it shows the basics...