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Maybe - Your definition may be different from mine, but considering you're talking about a Tacoma, I'm guessing we are in the same boat.

I've been running a set of Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires on my Dakota for a couple seasons now, and have been very pleased with them. They perform quite well in both mud and snow. I can't attest to rock-crawling prowess however. There's not much of that to do in Minnesota.

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I appreciate your recommendations. I'm thinking of getting a set of Falken Wildpeak AT3W, now I just need to figure out which wheel to match with.
I think next winter I will do a dedicated set of snow tires (Blizack WS80) and have another set of summer road/gravel tires. Mine will be pretty worn down by then and I just don't believe in a true all season tire.

The most non asphalt my truck sees is driving on the lake or down a low maintained trail/gravel road...like 1% of the time.