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I drove our '06 Town Car the other evening and noted an intermittent stumble while lightly accelerating. Not much thought was given to it, until today.

Today, I drove it again and pretty much identified the stumble as a definite misfire. It didn't take long for the CEL to start blinking. As soon as I returned home, I parked in front of the garage and went inside and gathered up the OBD2 code scanner. Scanning for codes returned P0301 indicating a misfire on cylinder number one.

With 115,000 miles on the odometer, it was not terribly surprising. The car has been a reliable member of the fleet and has been well maintained. I went back and forth between just getting a replacement coil or simply swapping in all new coils and plugs. A quick internet search gave me a bit of sticker shock with a $75 price tag for a Motorcraft coil at a local parts store. Then I noticed a listing for the coil boot at a price under $6. Why the hell not give it a try?

I picked up two of the boots, figuring if one went, there may be another shortly thereafter. It was easy as could be, one harness connector and one retaining bolt later, the number one coil was out. The boot looked rather nasty but was intact. I removed the boot, replaced it with a new one and reinstalled the coil. I then used the code scanner to clear the codes and took a test drive. I knew right away it was fixed but I went for a drive anyways, after all, it's a Lincoln. ;)

When I returned, I scanned for codes and there were none. Lucky me. :)

Here's a couple pics showing the old boot versus the new boot.




I got that code years ago on my 98 Mark. I wound up having the Coil Pack and boot replaced, and all new boots installed for the other 7 thanks to info found on the forums. I wonder if just new boots would have been enough. Thanks for the insight Driller.


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It looks like you had to remove all four wheels to get to that boot.. :D