Pull Handle Repair



I am having an issue with the pull handle on 2 of my Town Cars (and by pull handle I mean the leather wrapped grab handle on the very top of the door....not the plastic handle that physically opens and unlatches the door). On the pull handle, either one or both of the screws have pulled completely out of the door panel and will not longer tighten back into it.

I wanted to see if anyone on here has had any experience with a good solid way of fixing these before I started anything myself. I figured this would be a common issue with these cars but I haven’t found any forums on it specifically.

I was thinking I could possibly plastic weld something on the back of the hole to maybe get some more threads of the screw into it to tighten it down.

I’ve attached some picture of my door. If anyone has had any luck with this, let me know. I am very eager to get this fixed correctly.


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Rivet nuts would most likely be the best fix. You'll need to figure out what size will work for your application. I've used them on many instances, just not the one you're referring to. They work great for replacing stripped out sheet metal screws.