Traded Ranger for 2009 MKZ


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OK, I keep messing up Z X and S - but it's a Z. Needed a 4 door with the Kid and his GF actually being adults with normal sized legs.

I suppose it will be a daily driver (FWD not AWD), but not sure whose, depends on which Mark is getting worked on..... I like it, it's not a Mark, but my Mark needs significant work before I fall back in love with her (Jeremi, please put some pressure on Hubby, I'm thinking I really like your idea, have a question or two, and then do I skip the paint job cause the hood would always be open?).

So, any easy performance enhancements? I was reading it likes to go into OD all the time (6 speed auto), but I haven't seen much info on the 2009 which appears to have been upgraded from the 2007/08.