FS: Vintage Michigan License plates


I have for sale some vintage Michigan license plates.
Here's what I have
1941 RK*22*93
1953 KK*14*78
1979 GREAT LAKE STATE RYF*931 (Black w/White lettering)
1953 FARM 38*33*54
1973 GREAT LAKE STATE TVJ*436 (Blue w/White lettering)
1971 GREAT LAKE STATE RMB-312 (Red w/White lettering)
1970 GREAT LAKE STATE NCC*908 (Yellow w/White lettering)
1976 BICENTENNIAL (Matching Set) XGD353
1968 GREAT LAKE STATE (Matching Set) SU*5038 (Green w/Yellow lettering)
1968 GREAT LAKE STATE (Matching Set) RL*3925 (Green w/Yellow lettering)

Here is a link to flickr if you want to see them