Water Leak

Joe in NY

I'm getting a LOT of water on the passenger's rear carpet of my '05 Town Car. I cannot find the problem. I've checked all the drains including the sunroof and everything flows properly. The door seal is tight with zero wind noise also. I'm at my wits end. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you find?


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I've had a few leaks in my Mark VIII's. Once it was the seam at the top of the roof where it meets the quarter panel. Another was from the front cowl area under the windshield, not sure if the Town car gets this. I remove the seat and trim enough so I can lift the carpet enough to dry it out with towels and a hair dryer. Then I leave towels under the carpet and use a garden hose to see where it is leaking from by squirting different areas one at a time.


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I definitely ran into this with my old '99 Town Car, and it stemmed from a Cowl leak similar to what Bill is describing. My guess is that yours ends up in the back seat because the car is parked facing up-hill. If memory serves, there's not a lot of barrier to water flow under the carpet front-to-back.. (I distinctly remember pulling the passenger seat and thinking that'd be the perfect size for a sleeping bag)

Here's a video from everybody's favorite auto mechanic - South Main Auto, that covers it nicely.