Where is the KEM?


I have a 03 Navigator and cannot find the KEM on the Navigator?
I can't find it anywere and i would like to have the combination code so that i can open the truck with the key pad!!:confused:

I know that on my SHO and Mark is on the trunk but I cannot find it on the Navigator !!:mad:


Hopefully, the code printed on this box..... It's the only thing I could find on my 05-06 F250 disc I have with includes the Navi...and it looks like all 02-26 are the same. It's worth a try...This is the removal instructions, so disregard the dissconnect battery , etc. If it isn't on the VSM, while the glove box is out of the way, look around under the dash and see if you see any other module mounted behind the radio with a 5 digit # on it's tag. Good luck. Sorry the picture of the module didn't come thru with the printed words.....

NOTE: Prior to removal of the vehicle security module, it is necessary to upload the module configuration information to a diagnostic tool. This information needs to be downloaded into the new module once installed. For additional information, refer to Section 418-01 .
  1. Disconnect the battery. For additional information, refer to Section 414-01 .
  1. Remove the pin-type retainer and the RH A-pillar lower trim panel.
  1. Remove the glove compartment. For additional information, refer to Section 501-12 .
  1. Disconnect the 3 vehicle security module electrical connectors.
  1. Remove the 2 screws and the vehicle security module.


I just read some info in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums that Lincoln may have eliminated putting the code on the box and wants to charge you to get it by having to scan the computer.... if you have a good relationship with your dealer, he MAY do it for free, but don't expect it.....