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    Fuel injector trouble?

    I had an issue like that once. It turned out it was a coil pack that was arcing when under the hood was cold and had moisture in surfaces and in the air. Once the car warmed up and dried out a bit it didn't arc anymore and ran smooth. In rain it was even worse!
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    Broken brace behind rear seat

    Years back I had that happen to my 95 years ago. I just took out the back seat and did a quick repair. I just got some 6 inch wide and 1/8 or 1/4 aluminum stock (can't remember) and cut it about a foot long, then put it over the crack, drilled some holes just slightly undersized for the bolts to...
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    Our Lincolns from Space

    yep, I know that car on the left
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    New member from Massachusetts

    I need to brew more beer, the kegs are dangerously low!
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    New member from Massachusetts

    Says Middleboro in his profile location. That is right down the street from me Joe.
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    pressure sensing film

    I've used it at work before to evaluate pressure between a heatsink and a number of mosfets. Pretty handy stuff. There are various ranges and sensitivities.
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    MKZ transfer case???????

    Thats one of the major reasons why I just bought the ford extended premium service plan for 8 years and 100k on my MKX. I already had the PTU replaced once under warranty as well as some other work done.
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    MKZ transfer case???????

    Here is some info on it
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    MKZ transfer case???????

    What issue are you having with it? My MKX had a shaft seal leak. The dealership (warranty) ended up replacing the shaft as well as the PTU, just replacing the seal didn't seem to do it. If you are putting a new one in you might want to add a drain plug so you can drain and fill once and a...
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    A Rare Mark VIII Mirror

    My 94 parts car had a manual dimming mirror also. I might still have it kicking around somewhere...
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    2015 Carlisle Prep thread

    Any roof top cake throwing this year?
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    Audi's 2nd Gen Mark VIII :)

    Yea thats my favorite part of it. It gives it such a clean profile.
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    Cecil County Dragway - ABM Nats

    Nice! What did your times and trap speeds look like?
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    rack and pinion

    It isn't easy to do without lowering the subframe a bit. I have done but, but I'm still not sure how after looking at how tight it is in there. I did it on another mark, and lowering the subframe a few inches while using an engine brace to keep the engine in place is a hell of a lot easier.
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    Cecil County Dragway - ABM Nats

    I've heard from Joe, he has been crazy busy with a new job. I'm pretty sure he is going. He was talking about it when I saw him last week. He was asking if I wanted to go (I do!), although as usual timing is just bad for me.