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Hi there fellow LSC owners,

Back in 2019 I purchased Mike P's. (Web Site Master) 97 LSC and he told me of a Master Transmission Rebuilder who rebuilt his. I was told by Mike that he lives in Illinois, and I'm trying to help a buddy of mine who's transmission is all out of whack! his reverse is drive, drive is neutral and lost his OD altogether! So if anyone out there can help me with some contact info it would be most appreciated.

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Daddy's Rod 1997


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Welcome! I'm glad that car found a good home. I'm quite partial to the color, having owned one myself once.


Was the car recently worked on, or did it just get out of whack without anything obvious?
Thanks for the reply Palmetto. Sorry it took me so long to respond but i was out of comission for a while but I'm back, yeah I think my buddy just did a few too many burnouts and screwed his tranny up but he got fixed. He's somewhere out on the west coast.