Chip came in, how do I install? (Need to take ECU out of care if so how?)


Hey got my chip in today and I really want to go ahead and install it. The directions say to remove the ecu, which im not sure how hard that is to do. I am going to remove the dash cover as we speak to get at what I am working with. Ill stop back to see if anyone has posted on this, please let me know!
it is on the bottom of the dash underneigh the steering column. very very easy. It just snaps into place... you need to remove a 10mm (memory is not 100% fresh on size) bolt on the end of it to disconnect all the wires. And that is it.
ok, i did the install... its in. Very straight forward, however i took my time. Its very wet out and raining so I couldn't really feel the difference. I could tell it shifted a lot better, wayyy smoother. Rev limiter is changed and im guessing so is the speed governor. I filled up with 87 today because my father was willing to spend the money cuz i was at a funeral, he had borrowed the car and did it as a courtasy, however, i put in some nos 50 point stuff so i should be up around 92, if i managed to get it in there right.

I have been hearing what i think is pinging... im not sure because I have never really heard it before, im going to search it to hear what it sounds like... its real subtle but i hear it on wot low sorta like a ert tick tick. so i gotta burn this **** gas or find a better octane booster (or get it in right next time) or its nothing and I am just hearing things.
Regular gas with a chip is not going to allow the chip to perform to its advertised levels, regardless of the brand.
I've had an LMS chip in my '93 way back when. No complaints, worked well and definitely woke the car up.

One of the factors you need to be aware of is any chip will have the timing advanced as part of the performance programming. Premium fuel is recommended for our cars stock. It is 'required' on most(if not all) vehicles with aftermarket chips/programs. This is to allow the timing advance that is in the programming without knock or ping.

The Mark VIII comes stock with knock sensors. If the car detects knock or ping it will pre-emptively retard the timing - effectively over-riding the chip and reducing power. The knock sensors are highly effective and will detect pinging before most drivers can begin to hear it.

FYI - the Mark VIII also has an 'octane adjust' plug which can be pulled to retard the timing as well.
Just say NO to octane booster!

now that you have a chip in the car, the fuel requirement is PREMIUM FUEL ONLY.

The cost difference between lower grades and premium are minimal...something like $2-5.00 per tank.
You wasted that amount of money on "octane booster"...just put premium fuel in the car.
Does anyone have experience with this chip from geno at lincolnmotorsport?

I had one from LMS "back in the day"...2000-2001

now I have the SCT pro racer package and couldn't be happier with the new found power my car has.

For a first timer, for a first mod Geno's chip is a good deal, pretty decent "bang for the buck".

Personally I like having the ability to add it subtract timing and shift pressures and altering the shift schedules to my "personal preference", rather than what a third party "decides".

I also like the abilty to load 4 tunes on the chip and switch between the tunes.

I have different shift schedules and pressures for different driving scenario's they go from MILD TO WILD at the flip of a switch.

Best part is, I have a near stock tune on one position so when someone else drives my car it's very TAME and MILD and has timing taken out incase they "GO CHEAP at the gas pump.
Just say NO to octane booster!

now that you have a chip in the car, the fuel requirement is PREMIUM FUEL ONLY.

The cost difference between lower grades and premium are minimal...something like $2-5.00 per tank.
You wasted that amount of money on "octane booster"...just put premium fuel in the car.

I did a test over four months, 8000 miles. One moth Premium next Regular. The calculations are on a post here somewhere (after the second month I think). Running regular cost less but I got lower MPG.

If I remember correctly it calculated out to $.95 a tank more running premium.
I did not notice a differnce in preformance, but I dont have a chip.

I have decided to stick with premium.
You should just pull the chip and then drive the vehicle until you empty the tank. Then fill it up with 93 and drive it until about 3/4 - 1/2 and reinstall the chip. If you can hear the ping now with the Knock Sensors then you have some serious detonation problems. I don't know how Geno is programming his chips now but I do know that a lot of tuners will turn off the Knock Sensors just to gain some more power. This is a bad thing and shows that the tuners don't know what they are doing. As for the Octane Plug, that all depends on the tuner, some PCMs have it set at 0 and some have it advanced with the Marks. So unless Geno made changes to it I would not mess with it.

As a note, next time someone needs to know how to install a chip properly they can go here
hey installed the chip, the way the directions said and it doesnt seem to working. Called gene at LMS and he walked me through to take the - off the battery and repeat the steps to clean the connections a little better. Went through all of that and I it is not doing anything. the only thing i did do is start hearing the rattling of rod bearings.

anyways i have diablosport deltachip, on the chip itslef it has like a pull tag, i have no idea why that is there but it says something like pull to start ignitiong or some jive. the directions dont say anyting about it.

Also on the phone gene rememebered me placing my order thinking I had a 97-99 mark viii, but then corrected himself later, i hope i dont have the wrong chip. the chip came with my engine code on it so I assume its not wrong
i dont think i was hearing "ping" before it was just my rod bearings, which i must not have ever noticed before getting so into seeing what was going on under the hood. Chip is definetly not working, it doesnt shift any different... like my friends 95 with a chip - he owned my car before me, he said the car feels the same and the chip is not working

Can you clarify what is going on? How are you supposed to "feel the chip working" what were your expectations?!

Firmer shifts and increased redline? What were the parameters you requested?
well the shift points are usually different when you get a chip with a 93-96. The car feels exactly the same. It says its supposed to do stuff with the shifting, well its not doing anything.
im about to go take the chip off, and see if it does anything.... i just though someone would have .02 on faulty chips, or a way to test if its working correctly. Or if anyone knows what the plast label on the chip means the pull tab
is it possible i put the chip in upside down. cuz i have it open and it can go on either way. however, i believe it was on the correct way the first time. the chip board being seen from the top.
i took out the chip, didnt drive it - turned it on. Car didnt make any (what to me sound like rod bearing chatter) put the chip back in, it stalled a few times, through a check engine. Took the negative off the battery for a minute. Restarted, everythings pretty much back to normal. The shifting of the car is kind of funny sparaticly when im at idle at a stop light. I'm guessing the chips working - i just would like to have some positive confirmation.